"If your cheese is sliding off your cracker, contact Gangster Therapy!"

“Rich or poor we all have blocks and barriers stopping us from living our best life. My approach is different, yet organic and grass roots. A therapeutic and solution based counseling, created specifically for the individual. The time may come where you find yourself in a situation that is causing pain and anxiety, be it any kind of conflict or issue. Its Gangster Therapy philosophy to see what’s happening NOW, so let’s get ahead of the problem” – Dr. David A Jones

Now's the time, reach out!

Gangster Therapy is not for everyone, but it’s here for those that want it. People are the best judge of what works for them. It is your life, and you can do with it what you will. But see this as a coaching, a guide to balancing your situation. Ongoing or just a pitstop, reach out we can find your footing.


Dr. David A Jones

With 20 years of face to face counseling and teletherapy, Dr. Jones has worked with individuals all over the world to inform, empower, and heal persons dealing with war, displacement, substance abuse, violence, & discrimination. Dr. Jones has counseled and mentored individuals of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, including children, adolescents and adults. Through an extensive and diverse background in social services & mental health Dr. Jones brings an understanding and expertise that may be your step forward. This is not your ordinary program, so it’s not your ordinary therapist. At Gangster Therapy the approach is to have a sense of guidance, reach out and achieve goals. The best players in the game couldn’t do it alone.
George Town University Consultant Trainer for Child and Maternal Health
Mediations and Conflict Resolution practitioner with 20 years of experience. 
Sex Offender Therapy 15 years of experience in assessment and treatment.
Cultural Educator Intercultural Communication Trainer 25 years.
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