"The best players in the game couldn't do it alone"

Counseling Program

Based on the times we find ourselves in, there has been a growing interest in the theory of Gangster Therapy. Here I focus on looking at the present to know your direction, while also looking at the past, to understand how it’s all become what it is now. Change is critical but knowing when to change is the true test. 

My services are here for those who see the value in a new perspective. I provide individual or group therapy that is therapeutic problem oriented, or solution based planning. Through various methods Gangster Therapy can be a resource for you. From E-therapy to in person group/individual therapy be ready to move beyond your current position. Wether it’s an internal challenge or an external conflict my services are here to help you grow and step out to the world with confidence.

If you want to know more about counseling services & treatment programs at Gangster Therapy, click on the links below. 

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The crisis, it’s what we specialize in.

Our intervention, its how we put you back together until you find your balance

It’s a marathon, not a race.

Virtual Space, welcome to Zoom. 

I would love to invite those who may need alternate methods of contact to try my Zoom conference. The times we’ve come to are changing and we must either grow with it or get left behind. My services adapt to change and continue to develop as we push forward.

  E-therapy is the use of electronic media and information technologies to provide services for participants in different locations. It is used by skilled and knowledgeable professionals (e.g., counselors, therapists) to address a variety of individual, familial, and social issues. E-therapy can (1) include a range of services, including screening, assessment, primary treatment, and after care; (2) provide more accessible modes of treatment than the traditional ones to those who actively use the recent development of technology (i.e., adolescents and young adults); (3) help people access treatment services who traditionally would not seek services because of barriers related to geography, shame and guilt, stigma, or other issues; and 4) be provided as a sole treatment modality, or in combination with other treatment modalities, like traditional or existing treatments.
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